Amanda Cristina Garcia
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Amsterdam
I met Renate the first time beginning of 2019, I was working as a researcher and she was my coach. I never will forget our first meeting, when she asked me: how are you doing?, I started crying, I wasn't completely happy, I knew something on my professional life was missing and I was struggling a lot in my position for many different reasons. My big (professional) dream always was to be a Professor in some university but I wasn't confident with myself, I wasn't looking into my values. Renate was my coach for 1 year, and during that time she made me understand my real values. With her help, I could understand my limits; there is no limit - we always can do more. I learned with her to establish my boundaries. if I say no; it is no - there is no problem on this. But the most important, she encouraged me to follow my dreams and today I am a happy Professor at the University of Amsterdam. Thanks Renate,