Octavian Partenie

“The six coaching sessions I’ve had with Renate helped me better adapt to the new environment at TNO, approach certain issues I was facing from a different perspective, and have more control over my own schedule and work. I have an unproductive tendency to worry about things which are outside my so-called circle of influence, and she guided me to instead shift my focus towards what I can actually change. Renate draws inspiration from classics such as Covey’s 7 Habits book, and this was not a new concept for me. But actually putting something like this in practice is a step beyond admitting that it makes sense intellectually, and that’s where I see real value in coaching. I also really appreciated the time we spent time exploring what’s fundamentally important to me, to better understand where I draw energy and motivation from (and vice-versa, why certain things are demotivating). Be warned: you might have to write your own eulogy in the process. :)”

Innovator Energy Transition, TNO
Luc Schouren

“Geen moment heb ik me geremd gevoeld om me open te stellen in deze open en beschermde omgeving. Ik heb met volle teugen genoten van deze leerzame training!”

Sr. Software Engineer, Topic Embedded Systems
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